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Updated (retexture, remeshing) hair 003

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saylby спросил(a): How long have you been creating?


4 years

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To all the RUSSIAN cc websites. →

missfortunesims: and,in particular.

You’re re-uploading my custom content and you’re not putting a link-back to my blog in your posts. This is against my term of uses and this piss me off. Please,DON’T RE-UPLOAD my creations. If you want to post them on your…

All of you AUTHORS can help yourself too!!!
All sites have hosters, for example    is the

You should only write dmca notification to ucoz using this  and admins delete your works   is

about fucking sims3planet, in russia some authors fight with she, we just need more help, Do not stand aside, join tto the authors, to us for example, or to kewai, fight for your rights together! We can win only if we will be like one holistic(? XD)!

you are all can write to yandex dmca notice about sims3planet
use this for help

All of you should know that me, sintiklia, ersel, bonaqua, kewai and some other creators can and will help to everyone who want to protect the copyrights, pm us and we will help you to protect your rights on russian teritory, we know our laws and we really know what you can do.

Hope it helps. Reblog this please

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